Week 9 HW

This week's sketch.

This week's code.

I was trying to create some kind of glitch art video this week, using an old educational film, but I just could not control the pixels the way I wanted to. Sadly, there's not a great amount of documentation for p5, and most of the answers to my questions just weren't to be found. Regardless, I created a video with a flowery arrangement of pixels that act as a border or frame of sorts for a mirrored video. I enjoy the aesthetic of it and am satisfied with this product, despite it not being my intention. I also added a button to shoot text around, just to toy with button creation.

I also tried to create a cutout face of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders that you could put your webcam face into and save pictures. It functions, but it is sloppy and didn't fit the homework prompts so I opted not to submit it. Feel the Bern.