Week 6

This week's sketch.

This week's code.

Working with arrays was a bit of a struggle, especially conjuring up a creative idea for implementing them. After toying with the class examples for a while, I saw arrays as a decent way of "painting" an image through user interaction. At first, I tried to make a face with a mouth that would move in steps between smiling and frowning depending on the types of key presses or clicks. The skeleton of this idea was funnier to me than it should be, so I changed it into a face generator, using arrays to put different parts of the face wherever the user desires, typically ending in a creepy, lifeless face. I accomplished this by using "for" loops and multiple array variables, all on top of a generic, blank, yellow face. Looking at my code, I feel that there is probably a way of shortening it from repetition, but I am not sure of how I would go about it.