Week 5

This week's sketch.

This week's code.

I attempted to make a music visualizer. First I played with amplitude, attempting to use that on a loop of ellipses, but found the results to be too erratic and out of focus with the song. To fix this, I implemented FFT in order to determine frequencies, and used different ranges to change the size of my ellipses. I could not find a good way to make it work with my coloring, so I instead used frameCount and a minor amount of amplitude adjustment. The song is from an artist that I know.

In the end, I applied a click function to rotate the ellipses "tower", and each tower has slightly different coloring. I also added a title screen with a key type function, text, and an eyeball that will continue to grow until it takes over your screen. This is also the first time that I have used windowWidth and windowHeight, rather than assigning dimensions to my canvas.