Week 10 HW

This week's sketch. (Must be opened in Safari for no obvious reason)

This week's code.

I am so frustrated with p5 Speech. It took me many hours to simple get it to recite lines from a text file and, once it did, it was nearly impossible to change any of the parameters. It doesn't work in Chrome, so I had to use Safari. Also, it doesn't work in the p5 editor, meaning I had to load all of the files onto neocities every time I wanted to check my progress. None of the available voices worked and always reverted to the standard one. Once, just once, it loaded the voice in Chrome, but it was a French female voice and it lasted about ten seconds.

So, essentially, just to produce this pairing of a voiceover with a video and music took me days, and I don't understand why it did. But, that's how it goes. With this, I nixed my idea for an audiobook creator to produce a robotic remix of an M83 song, "Raconte-moi Une Historie", as the voice is originally that of a young child and the contrast was interesting. I found an old 1930s cartoon called Flip the Frog that paired up nicely, so I added that, along with my own edit of the original song to produce an instrumental backdrop. While it does work (only in Safari!), it is buggy and sometimes I have to reload the page. I hope this isn't just an issue on my end, and that p5 speech is actually broken, because I had a lot of eyes look over the code and no one could understand the problem.