Final sketch.

Final code.

For my final project, I crafted a music visualizer using WebGL. I had started working with and other 2D sketches, creating ones that played off earlier sketches and a handful of new ones, making it close to ten sketches total. I like that one, but I had made one sketch in 3D that I found better than the rest. Unfortunately, 2D and 3D sketches working together is virtually impossible and would take a smarter person than myself to figure it out. So I ditched the original sketch, and crafted seven 3D sketches, all with buttons for switching sketches and pausing or playing the song. Also, I included four sliders that will change the size and amount of various shapes and intervals, giving control to the user based on their aesthetic and their computer's power, as WebGL requires a lot of it. I put together a mix song to showcase different genres in the visualizer, in order to show its range. I was hoping to have the program work with user-chosen songs, but I was never able to figure that out, and was told it would probably require hosting a server. So, that remains a goal for the future, as I will be continuing to work on this project. I would have labeled the sliders, but WebGL in p5 does not allow text. The text in the beginning is actually an image used as texture on a box - workarounds! Check out the project and download the code if you wish to try out your own songs. Enjoy!